Software Features

Installing Taguchi Split Test Software

This video reviews how to install the Taguchi Split Test software on your site and the advantages in using Amazon EC2 cloud to host test software.

Monitor Your Site’s Activity

Get an overview of your web site’s activity and where your traffic is coming from for your defined time period.

Discover Visitor’s Path Through Your Site

This report helps you discover where you are losing visitors and where you are capturing their attention. That information can be used to improve the design of your overall linking structure.

Testing Resources

Your Awesome Web 2.0 Graphics Pack

Here is an awesome web 2.o graphics pack to give you a quick start in developing test factors. This is your’s to use as a user of our Taguchi Split Test software.

Free Tools

Duplicate Checker Tool

This is a tool you can use to check the similarity of two articles. The tool allows you to use either a DupeCop type comparison or a higher order shingle routine comparison.

Keyword Commercial Intent Tool

This tool lets you import your keywords and find those with highest commercial intent. It will accept a keyword file generated by the Google External Keyword Tool.

CTR Statistics Calculator

Use this calculator to determine your control and test CTR confidence interval and probability of statistical difference. This will help you judge performance of a split test of pages or PPC ads etc.

User Contributions

Kowalick Arrays Result in Taguchi Testing Sometimes

Dr. Kowalich modified some of the Taguchi arrays in order to give more factors for testing without regard to factor interactions. However you must remember that finding the optimal result using the Kowalich arrays is just pure chance.

Study Interactions Using The Taguchi Method

A rarely discussed and utilized property of the Taguchi Method is the study of interactions. Dr. Taguchi incorporated additional power in the use of orthogonal arrays for test design via the linear graph.

If They Say This About Taguchi Testing Then Run Don’t Walk Away

Some people promoting Taguchi methods of testing suggest that you can eliminate under performing test runs during the test. If they say that about Taguchi Testing then RUN don’t walk away.