Use New Optimal Page As Control For New Test

June 8, 2009 by admin 

Did you notice in that video that there was no cut and paste of HTML? That is one of the most beautiful features of this software. The new optimal page is immediately used as the site’s page when you clicked use this page. That feature accomplishes two important task.

First, since the changes are based on javascript updating the page, the search engines never see the new page. The rankings you have achieved with your site prior to testing are maintained. If you want to actually change the HTML code on the page file, you can.

As soon as you start using the new optimal page, you can begin a new test using that page. You do not have to cut and paste any code to use the new optimal page in a test. The software will get all your prior optimal designs and apply them prior to presenting the page for factor design in a new test.

These features make the software easy for anyone to use. It allows you to spend your time testing and optimizing your site and not in coding and updating files.

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