Defining Your Test Target Actions

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The software gives you the ability to split your traffic between the control and test pages at whatever level you specify. This option is used to maintain income from the control page while trying to find a better performing page.

If you are driving traffic to your site using PPC, you can specify in the URL a query variable that tells the software the ad variation that generated the visit. This allows you to test ad against landing page so that ROI on PPC is maximized.

The text input at the bottom of the links list probably needs more explanation. The final target action, such as cart checkout, may be several levels away and a direct link to it is not on the test page. In that case, you can put the target URL in the text input area. As you use the text input, a new one will be created so that multiple inputs can be entered.

Note on the list of links, there may also be form submit entries and flash play entries so that those can be tracked. All of the actions you specify here will be reported on during test and can also be edited during test.

Easily Create Test Factors

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The key to testing is the creation of your test design. With our software, you can create each test factor and its variations or levels using a WYSIWYG editor. This allows the full design to be done without any coding. But you can if you want to, because the editor does have an HTML tab.

You can also change the CSS and apply the change to only the test page or to a defined class across the entire site. This will allow you to change a background color or the font and apply the change across the site so that the visitor gets a consistent presentation.

There is also a Text edit button that allows you to specify a string and its replacement. This can be applied to only a single string or all occurrences of the string on the page.

As you develop test factors with variations, you can preview any combination you wish to by selecting the factor variations and click preview.

You can create several factors with just one variation on each and then use them all in a split test. The split test will create a page with all the variations applied and test it against the control page. Sometimes this is the quickest way to get started because you can generate a new best performing control to take into the Taguchi test.

The WYSIWYG editor makes the whole process friendly and easy.

Define Interactions And Start The Test

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Some people have suggested that testing of interactions cannot be done using the Taguchi Method. That is simply incorrect and demonstrates a lack of understanding. Taguchi developed his arrays specifically to allow for interaction testing. Our software uses the full power of the Taguchi Method.

On the start test page, you can define the factor interactions you would like the software to test. If you do not specify these, the software will still evaluate interactions based on the array it picks.

Notice I said, “It picks.” You do not have to know anything about the mathematics of the Taguchi Method in order to use the software. The software does the picking of the array and all the factor assignments to the array in the background. It will do this based on the interactions you specify.

Did you notice how easy it was to start the test? Just click the Start Test button and it starts. There was no cutting and pasting of code.